Quality policy

Only companies with the highest Quality levels can compete successfully in nowadays environment. Quality is a competitive advantage on which to build a promising future.

Aligned with GBfoods mission and values, and with the aim to deliver the highest quality and food safety standards in the food products we are producing and marketing, GBfoods’ Quality and Food Safety Policy has been defined based on the following principles:

  • To be a trustworthy company for our stakeholders, by meeting the safety and quality expectations of our customers and consumers, assuring full compliance of the laws and regulations applying to our products and processes, and promoting transparency using efficient communication channels within all the company areas and with our external stakeholders.
  • To be considered as a referent in Food Safety and Quality by implementing best practices and innovative tools to manage both already known and emerging food hazards.
  • To keep always in mind our vocation of being a multi-local company by adapting the local and quality requirements of each country where we operate, and implement flexible processes that can be adapted to the different scenario and quality challenges arising on each market where we sell our products.
  • To deliver to GBfoods a Competitive Quality (optimal quality/price ratio) as an inescapable commitment that we strive to meet in front of our consumers, customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, assuring the company’s sense and guaranteeing autonomous decision making.

In order to assure that the above-mentioned Guiding Principles are fulfilled, the Quality and Food Safety Policy is deployed in a Corporate Quality System, as defined in the Integrated Handbook for Quality and Environment Management and based on the following assumptions:

  • Consumer and costumer oriented: Seeking to become a trustful company oriented to fulfil our customers’ requirements, delivering superior products to our consumers while ensuring safety.
  • Human resources focus: Quality is a target and a task shared by all members of the Organization. This will be done by promoting people’s talent and performance excellence, to become a pioneer company in Quality and Food Safety innovative management, as well as ethical and responsible attitudes at all organizational levels.
  • Management standards based on action: (a) Implementing the tools to anticipate and manage the issues, foreseeing potential challenges and risks, (b) assuring that focus is set on process control and product safety (HACCP), continuous improvement, and effective communication channels in order to facilitate people empowerment as a means of assuring an effective and quick decision-making process and (c) capturing improvement opportunities through continuous monitoring of costs, especially non-quality costs, and to ensuring an effective resource assignment.
  • Relationships with Stakeholders: (a) Assuring strict compliance with the legislation and regulations that apply to our activity and offering full collaboration to the public administration, (b) sharing our Quality and Food Safety Policy and involving, as far as possible, in our quality system to our suppliers, co-packers, logistic operators and distribution partner, (c) monitoring through a high level global networking our markets in order to improve our competences and (d) assuring to GBfoods shareholders the continuity of business and the autonomy in decision-making, through quality standards that considers business profitability as a basic requirement.

This policy applies to all GBfoods products, operations and activities