Tomato, mayonnaise and sauces

GBfoods offers one of the most extensive assortments of sauces on the market to accompany all kinds of dishes.

Without a doubt, tomato sauce is one of the most widely consumed sauces in the world. In Africa, for example, our Gino and Pomo brands are commonly used in many local recipes. Mayonnaise is also a very popular sauce worldwide. Our Bama, Jago and Jumbo brands are currently top sellers in many African countries, while D&L, a brand with more than 125 years of history, leads this category in Belgium, where it has won over thousands of consumers by positioning itself as an authentic and historical brand.

When it comes to sauces, Ragù meat and vegetable sauce, which is perfect for pasta dishes, is the undisputed leader. In Italy, our Star’s brand Il Mio Gran Ragù has been offering this delicacy since the 1960s and is now the country’s leading ready-made meat sauce for thousands of Italian households thanks to the high quality ingredients and the homemade based recipe. Star brand Tigullio is the expert in pesto sauce with the recipe “alla Genovese”. Tigullio specialities combine amazing Mediterranean ingredients in an innovative pesto to succeed at home with delicious pasta dishes.

Grand’Italia, a brand that has been in the Dutch households for more than 30 years, has won over the country’s palates with an assortment of authentic Italian recipes, perfect for pasta and made with carefully selected quality ingredients.

At GBfoods, we know that sauces are the key to the flavour of many recipes, which is why we offer different alternatives such as dehydrated sauces, an innovative option that leads in this category with the Blå Band brand in Sweden and Finland.