Food has power. It can inspire, it can impress, it can delight. But even more important, food explains much of our traditions, our culture, our roots, the richness of our land... At GBfoods, we are proud to be part of this, to celebrate the authenticity of each of the local flavours, helping people enjoy their favourite recipes every day, everywhere.

We’ve been making the daily lives of millions of families around the world easier with culinary solutions that can be used in their recipes. We adapt to each market in response to specific local needs, keeping the unique recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation alive.

The Purpose of GBfoods, “Celebrating local flavours”, is to empower and take care of each of the local communities we belong to and to bring out those authentic flavours. This has allowed us to become the preferred choice for millions of families in an increasingly connected and open world. Because in a world as globalised as ours, where cultural diversity is synonymous with richness, we must empower and take care of each of the local communities we belong to and emphasize the thing that makes us unique: food.

At GBfoods we will continue celebrating the local flavours that make us who we are: proud of our past and committed to the future.


In keeping with the culture and idea of local cuisine, the Values that set us apart and enable us to pursue our goals are enshrined in a solid and consistent corporate culture:


We take care of what matters: our team, our customers and the planet


We practice a local mindset


We celebrate and are passionate about what we do


We set the bar very high! We trust in and empower our employees


We offer the best version of ourselves every day